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Come Join Us 

We are new to agricultural tourism, but we have so much to share with you! 
As permits come through, these are some of the activities we hope to offer you! 

Wildflower Walks

In the spring, Samuels Ranch enjoys a steady procession of beautiful native flowers, from early-to-open woodland maids to late-blooming fairy lanterns, there is something beautiful to see with each passing week. 

Join one of our family members on a private tour of our best blooms. We tailor the length and difficulty of the hike to you.


Budding botanist? We have many interesting native plants that are not necessarily showy, and Jasmine would absolutely love to geek out with you over grasses! 

Birding Excursions 

Birds abound on Samuels Ranch! Both mountain and valley quail call our chaparral stands home. Acorn woodpeckers are the architects of our oak woodlands. Spotted towhees excite us with their vibrant markings. Grosbeaks serenade us from the trees.   

Come see which birds you can find, and please help us identify some of the calls. 

Environmental Education 

We are passionate about education, and we are a family of ranchers and teachers! Collectively, we have taught every grade level: Jasmine was a university lecturer, Kathy taught K-12, and Whitney is an elementary school teacher with a Masters in Environmental Education!  

We dream of being able to offer environmental science day camps for young learners and sustainability workshops for adults. We are currently researching the permitting necessary to make that dream a reality!


Please stay tuned, and feel free to email us about your environmental education needs. 

Nature Photography 

With beautiful viewscapes, rural charm, and uncommon native plants, we are a photographers dream! 

Contact us to book a photography session. We welcome landscape photographers, macro photographers, and photographers, brides, or graduates looking for a unique and adventurous photo shoot.

Please be courteous to us and to others, and do not seek to turn a hike into a professional shoot. Our guest groups have different needs, and we can best meet those if you sign up for the right service.  

Sheep Experiences 

Come meet our woolly wonders! All of our sheep are friendlier than average, but we will select our most sociable sheep to meet and greet your small group. Think of it as a personal petting zoo. Depending on time of year, you may be able to feed a bottle lamb their bottle. At all times of year, our sheep are more than happy to accept treats! 

Safety is our priority. Hand washing and sanitation facilities will be available. All children must be accompanied by adults. Children may not chase nor attempt to ride the sheep. Families failing to comply will be asked to leave. 

Exclusive picnicking 

Not into the active hiking, but looking for somewhere quiet and secluded for your private picnic? 

We have a lovely, welcoming meadow surrounded by oaks just calling your name!


We provide the rustic picnic table and the scenery, you provide the food. At this time, we do not have food sales or service permits. Thank you for understanding. 

For all guests... 

Activities must be scheduled a minimum 1 week in advance. 

Safety is a priority, so we require that all guests wear closed-toed shoes appropriate for hiking. This is a working ranch and a wild area, so there are bugs, snakes, rocks, and pointy plants that could damage your toes. Please dress responsibly. Bring sunscreen, dress in layers, and bring your own water. Bug repellent is recommended.    


Our natural resources are our priority, so all hikes will begin with a weed check. We're not saying we don't have weeds, we do, but we don't have ALL of the weeds yet, and worrying about how to prevent weed spread is one of the reasons it took us so long to open our beloved land to hikers. We do over 90% of our weed management with sheep or with manual labor. We do not simply spray herbicides. This is why we need to be so cautious. 


We cherish our oaks, and we know they're one reason you visit. Every guest will need to step in a quick cleansing solution to prevent the spread of sudden oak death.


We know you understand.

You would not come all the way out here if you did not love nature! 

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