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Nature Photography

From macro photography to landscapes, to exclusive venues for portrait sessions,

Samuels Ranch Sustainable has something for everyone. 

We strongly encourage scheduling a standard hike before booking your photography session.

This will help you decide where you want to take your photographs and make the most of your session time. That being said, we ask that you respect our time and that of your fellow guests and do not try to take professional photos during a hike. 


Samuels Ranch Sustainable offers views over Lake Curry, the Bay Area, and across the Central Valley. 

Landscapes from Samuels Ranch have even been used for cover art on published books!
Where will your pictures be displayed?  

Macro photography

Are you fascinated by the textures and colors of wildflowers? Mad about moss? Likin' the lichen?

Come get up close and personal with the flora of Samuels Ranch Sustainable.
We promise not to make these puns all day. 

Portrait sessions 

We welcome photographers, brides, or graduates looking for unique and adventurous photo shoots.

We have a variety of rustic backdrops and settings. Have a woodland fairy aesthetic? Love rusty tractors? Want to see Mt. Diablo and the Bay Area in your background? We can help you find the perfect place to set your photos apart. 


Our rustic photography venues require some hiking to access.
Dying to wear heels in your pictures? Bring them along, but wear close-toed shoes to walk to the site.
Interested in family photos or maternity shots? Contact us, and let's talk about access. 
Safety is our first priority.

All photo sessions need to be scheduled in advance and must be paid upfront. We know the weather can negatively impact your session. When you pay in advance, we strive to grant some flexibility on the date. If your paid session is rained out, we will work with you to reschedule. 

We offer four hour photography packages.


When you schedule, let us know what time you hope to be taking pictures (for lighting) and we will help you determine when you need be at our gate. We do not want your travel time to prevent you from catching that perfect lighting! We will try to advise about travel time, but Samuels Ranch Sustainable is not responsible for your arrival time. We wish we could control traffic, alarm clocks, etc., but we can't, so we will consider your time as beginning when you were scheduled to arrive, regardless of when you did arrive. For example, if you are one hour late, you will have three hours left to take pictures.   

We are delighted to welcome professional photographers and support your art, but please understand that support goes both ways, and we need to be paid for our time and access. 

Your scheduled photography session does not in any way grant permission to access any part of the property outside of that scheduled session. If you invited us to a barbecue, we wouldn't take that as permission to hang out in your backyard whenever we wanted. Please don't take advantage of our hospitality!

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