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Wildflower Walks 

We divide our hikes based on ecosystem type. Please read our descriptions below, and let us know which experience seems best for your group. Hikes average 2 hours, but can be adjusted to meet your group's needs. We strive to match experiences to guests, so the more we communicate before your hike, the more personalized your adventure! 

Flowers vary seasonally.

If there is a species you really want to see, contact us early to check in about its status!  

All hikes begin at the Samuels Ranch Sustainable main gate. 

By appointment only. 

Oak Woodland Wander 

This hike takes you through oak woodland and mixed oak and pine forest. The wildflower species on this hike change week to week. 

Views of Lake Curry, Suisun, and the Bay Area. 

This hike can be adapted to your experience level and is suitable for beginners and beyond! 


This hike is primarily in Napa County.  

Chaparral STroll 

This hike takes you through the chaparral (brush) community. You will see chamise, manzanita, ceanothus, and chaparral pea. 

Views overlooking Vacaville and the Central Valley, with the Sierra Nevadas and Buttes visible on clear days. 

This hike is most appropriate for experienced botanists and may require more bushwhacking than the Woodland Wander hikes. There is not much shade on this hike!

This hike is primarily in Solano County.  

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